Transport financial services

A public transport payment service that leverages mobile devices and public transit payments as platform for cross-selling and upselling

Solutions for system participants
For Operators
Ticket system operators, public authorities and other regulatory authorities
For Customers
End users of transportation, city and payment system
For Customers
Companies providing passenger transportation services
For Merchants
Companies selling goods and services


The data collected during Automated Fare Collection (AFC) has value for Operators beyond revenue alone – there are a number of opportunities to use this same data to achieve greater operational efficiencies across the transit

Effective policy formation

Control of budget expenditures

Creation of a mechanism for accurate accounting of the performed transport work along the regular transportation routes for economically justifiable subsidization of the carriers’ expenses from the budgets of various levels

Control of contract execution

Creation of a transparent mechanism for submission of regular routes to the regulated tariffs competition (unregulated tariffs). Organization of effective control over fulfillment of the terms of state (municipal) contracts

Organization of transport work

Formation of objective tender documentation for holding open tenders for the right to obtain a transportation certificate of proper routes of scheduled transport

Solving socially significant problems:

Economic justification of tariffs

Development of economically justified tariff list on the basis of reliable data on the incomes of carriers on the routes of regular transportation

Formation of the current route network

Development of effective routing network based on reliable data on passenger traffic on regular transport routes and the use of transport infrastructure facilities

Increasing the attractiveness of public transport

Development of conditions for objective quality control of servicing preferential passengers and reducing cash turnover in transport infrastructure and tourism

Cross-modal solution

TFS solution provides continuous transport services and possibilities of joint service of various types of transport

Ground transport

Underground transport

Railway transport

Water transport

Extend applicability

TFS allows to create a citywide system (city card) and tourist cards

Toll roads

Taxi service

School canteen

Paid toilets

Paid parking

Museums, theaters, etc.

Petrol station

Trade and service companies

Methods of tariffication

Fixed cost

The fare is constant throughout the vehicle route

Zone tariffication

Tariff value is determined depending on the point of passenger’s entry and exit stop

Complex tariffication scheme

Tariffication depending on time, carriers, the route, provided discount, rules of revolving and other

Ticket types

One-time trip

One-time trip is paid with the help of a driver, at the ticket office of the bus station or the commodity-service company


Unlimited subscription or subscription with restriction on the number of trips or validity period


A refillable ticket that gives the right to travel within a fixed amount

Means of payment (media)


Paper tickets printed at service points


Paper or plastic contactless cards


Watches, charms, pendants, bracelets, rings


Mobile phones EMV / HCE / Apple Pay / Samsung Pay

Operator functions

Accounting of all transactions
  • Accounting for paid, preferential and social trips
  • The account of operations of transport cards replenishment and return of money resources
Card issue
  • Transport cards production, their distribution and post-sale services
  • Transport and collection cards production
Accounting of social trips
  • Registration of all committed social trips (free bus passes), legality control and preparation of detailed reports for each carrier
  • Control over the reimbursement of lost income
Technical support
  • Passengers, agents, merchants and carriers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
Advertising and promotion
  • Creating a bright and recognizable local brand
  • Issuance of advertising and information materials, conducting information campaigns among passengers
  • Increase of the share of non-cash payments
  • Transparency of payments and reimbursement of lost income
  • Implementation of a flexible customizable tariff system

Carrier functions

Fare collection
  • Payment registration of all kinds of trips on payment terminals (validators)
  • Income collection of selling single tickets, in accordance with the schedule
High-quality services
  • Bus with High Level of Service

Agent functions

Distribution of cards
  • Transport cards distribution in its own sales network for the reward of the Operator
Card balance top-up
  • Transport cards replenishment in its own sales network for the reward of the Operator
Information support
  • Information of cards selling and replenishment points

Complex solution

An integrated contactless mobile payment solution based on open-loop payment cards

Total income control

Cash control from the receipt by the driver till depositing to the company’s account

Fraud and risk management

Real-time fraud pattern recognition and money-laundry protection


Open-loop contactless payment in public transport as a base of future AFC systems


Use of mobile communication network and navigation data for operational management, monitoring and informing

Account-based system

A complete set of management tools for customer profiles and commodity-service enterprises, additional services and control channels

Mobility as a Service

TFS solution provides constant transport services through a combination of public/private and shared transport

Flexible tariff solution

A unique combination of charging options, types of tickets and ways of payment in an all-in-one software and hardware product


Personalized, automatic and paper-free account-linked offers that create rewards like cash-backs, percental discounts or gifts (products, vouchers, freebies)


A “frequent commuter program” provides incentives for returning customers, recurring events and particular behavioral patterns


Applying game design techniques, smart campaign types and positive incentives to drive customer behavior and engagement in non-game transit experiences


Seamless integration with systems (navigation, accounting) allows solving many related tasks of authorities, carriers and counterparties

Big data

Allows for ever-narrower segmentation of customers and detailed insights into their transportation decisions and behavior


Putting a particular focus on creating a truly mobile user experience by aiming for a solution, which provides full support for all user’s journeys directly on the mobile device whenever technically possible

Advantages for Customers

Multifunctional card

On-line services


Multifunctional card

Integration with reception and processing of fare payment systems with specialized transport or bank cards (VISA, Mastercard)

On-line services

The mobile experience

Mobile applications

For Android and iOS


By toll-free number 8-800

Chats in messengers

WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram, Snapchat

Websites and mobile sites

Available in all popular browsers

Convenience of replenishment and control


replenishment of a transport card


over the cost of travel and the tariff applied by the carrier


personal services, settings and notifications

Informing and feedback

with a passenger in a convenient form

A unified user profile

for mobile applications and a website


possibility of personalizing a transport card

Advantages for Passengers

Flexible tariff options

Convenience of non-cash payment allows to improve passenger service

Convenience of replenishment and control

The site and mobile applications allow you to replenish the balance of the transport card at any time and place

Use of city services

Management of city services and payments (parking, car / bicycle rental, etc.)

Unique offers from partners

Rich receipt data, real-time information on their mobile phone, intelligent ambient advertising, couponing and loyalty offers

For Carriers

To companies rendering passenger transportation services

Advantages for carriers

Income control

A system approach and accounting problems solution provides end-2-end control of income

Economy control

An integrated solution providing accounting and planning, control over revenues and expenses, analysis of passenger flows

Stuff control

Chief’s Cockpit (operational data, cumulative total, KPI) for plan / fact-analysis.
Extensive analytics and data-mining across data-sinks and data-points


Possibility of developing with retailer joint marketing programs to increase non-transport revenues

Main components

Accounting and planning (ERP)
  • Management and production accounting
  • Accounting for repairs and maintenance of vehicles
  • Inventory control
  • Planning of financial and economic activity
  • Accounting of fuels and lubricants
Control over expenses
  • Planning of transport work
  • Maintenance of electronic passports of routes
  • Control of personnel costs
  • Control of passenger traffic
  • Monitoring of fuel consumption
Control of income
  • Non-cash payment
  • Transaction income accounting
  • Accounting of passengers of preferential categories
  • Control of revenue collection
Control panel and analytics
  • Presentation of data in the analytical forms
  • Monitoring of key performance indicators
  • Receive reports on the activities

For Retailers

Ambient advertising and tailor-made personalized offers

Advantages for retailers

Easy entrance

Complete merchant on-boarding web interface where merchants sign up by creating a merchant profile

On-line compaign managements

On-line management of loyalty campaigns, couponing campaigns for each merchant, TFS terminal ID, Carrier


Creation of new income streams by ambient advertising campaigns


Under the hood

TFS components

Transport management platform

  • Tariff and operational Data Maintenance
  • Device management
  • Transaction processing
  • Balance management
  • Fraud monitoring & dispute management
  • Card lifecycle management
  • Administrative user interface
  • Role based access control system
  • Pre-defined reports
  • Dashboard to manage and control KPI metrics
  • Real-time data/warehouse connections

Accounts management platform

  • Online and mobile enrollment of customers
  • White label user interfaces and mobile application
  • Contactless, in-App and Internet payments
  • Peer-to-peer remittance and funds transfer
  • Complete customer lifecycle management
  • Administrative user interfaces for helpdesk

Mobile channels applications

  • Support for multiple cards
  • Support for coupons, loyalty cards, tickets and access keys
  • Integrated geo-data display across entire wallet content
  • Integrated transaction, event and notification list
  • Plugin architecture for easy functional extension
  • Support for NFC technology
  • Provisioning of payment cards via TSM

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