Financial technology

Customer success stories

The following are examples of work done for current customers by Sunbay and Sunbay’s parent company, BizApps. To protect client privacy, Sunbay corporate policy is to cloak company names and other identifying features from promotional materials.

1. The Netherlands, contactless bank cards acceptance in public transport (EMV)


Sunbay is working on an innovation project together with RET and Translink. It’s a pilot project in which commuters can check in and out of the Rotterdam subway by using their contactless bank card. We have integrated the Sunbay systems with that of the provider of the OV chipcard for this pilot. Furthermore we have also built the following:

  • A website and mobile app for commuters. These give the commuter insight in his trips that have been paid with the bank card. If the commuter checks in, a notification will be pushed to his mobile device that he’s been checked in. Forgot to check out? The commuter can easily correct this through the app and will be reimbursed for the difference. If the commuter doesn’t have sufficient balance on his bank account the card will be temporarily blocked. He cannot travel further. Through the app the commuter can add more funds and continue his trip.
  • An app for conductors. They can check with a NFC mobile device if the commuter is checked in.

The test cards of all Dutch banks that provide bank cards with contactless payment have been successfully accepted in this pilot.


  • EMV-co Specificatie
  • PHP Artisan
  • Bootstrap
  • AJAX
  • AMQP
  • PhoneGAP

2. One of Russia’s leading financial institutions


Our client needed to automate business processes on their legacy system without interrupting workflow during the transition.

Features and functionalities:
  • Workflow automation and configuration of event models based on MS SharePoint Portal Server

3. Russian Commercial Bank


Our client needed a variety of new applications to help streamline their workflow efficiency.

Features and functionalities:
  • Client Proximity Application – Android based mobile application for bank managers to monitor clients who are nearby the bank.
  • Minutes of Client Meetings – MS SharePoint based web-portal to manage notes and agreements and assignments from VIP client meetings
  • Media Plans Coordination – We designed a separate corporate portal based on MS SharePoint that is capable to integrate with the LOTUS environment

4. Russia’s Leading Online Stock Trading Company


To improve employee productivity and increase document security, we created desktop applications for employees and re-engineered data storage systems.

Features and functionalities:
  • Business processes automation, tuning, support and development. Integration with CRM system, internet portal, ORM systems

5. Retail bank, Ghana


We developed web-based Internet banking application for the bank’s retail customers.

6. The third largest banking group in Switzerland and a leader in retail banking business


We created a control system to manage deposits for one of the largest banks in Switzerland. This software allows clients to transfer pension savings deposits into securities.

Features and functionalities:
  • Compatible with external systems to provide and manage financial transactions
  • Generates various quarterly and annual reports for clients and management
  • Works with a large amount of data (about 4 million records)
Technical solutions:
  • Implement collection of orders of bank end customers to invest pension savings into securities.
  • Aggregation of customer requests into group of collective orders with further submitting such collective buy or sell orders to external investment bank.
  • Reflect results of purchase or sell securities on deposit status and history
  • Communicate corresponding financial transactions to internal bank accounting system.
  • Reach legally required and managerial reporting of various weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly statistics. All reports are done in English, German, French and Italian languages.
  • Around 100 internal active users of pension department.
  • Processing of 1,500-2,000 individual orders every week.
  • Around 300,000 active deposits and constantly growing.
  • Over 4 million records of various data like personal data, deposits history, orders.
  • 42 complex reports.
  • Around 15,000 man hours of initial development.
  • 10 years of technical support of production system.
  • Continuous system development and improvements, 5,000 – 6,000 man hours per year.

7. One of Europe's leading comprehensive life insurance, pensions and financial solutions providers


We created an accounts management system to help our client remain competitive, operate efficiently and provide world-class service.

Features and functionalities:
  • Monitor existing financial flows of insurance and insurance contracts
  • Inform management about the status of the insurance accounts and the status of the holders of the insurance accounts at any time
  • Perform various reports in English, German, Italian, French
  • Manage correspondence with clients or their authorized representatives by telephone, fax, e-mail
  • Manage assets and liability of all insurance and financial accounts and of all money flows related to those in the pension insurance fund.
Technical solutions:
  • Implementation of current financial flows monitoring for insurance and insurance contracts.
  • Management of all assets and liabilities and money transfers for account holders related to BVG Umbrella Fund.
  • Internal bookkeeping of pension accounts as well as integration with central banking bookkeeping based on SAP.
  • Interfaces to communicate with Swiss government, banks, account holders.
  • Produce various reports in English, German, Italian and French.
  • Tools to communicate with customers or their authorized representatives by phone, fax and e-mail.
  • Asset and liability management of all insurance and financial accounts and of all money flows related to those in the pension insurance fund.
  • Data warehouse. Archiving of all existed data related to account holders using additional interfaces for the archival system to store, recover and search all data using an alternative media storage.
  • Automated payment entry of incoming payments received through the Postfinance system.
  • Around 1 million of open accounts.
  • Managing assets valued at over 4 billion Swiss francs.
  • 50 internal users.
  • 62 financial reports.
  • Around 15,000 man hours of initial development.
  • 8 years of technical support of production system.
  • Dedicated team of 4 engineers to maintain, support and further develop the system.

8. Switzerland , Financial group comprised of units providing alternative investment, corporate finance, and wealth management services


We developed a custom E-commerce system to help our clients better serve their customers.

Features and functionalities:
  • Proposals on the purchase (bid) and/or selling (ask) securities located on the OpenOTC server
  • Each proposal has a number of priority parameters (including, but not always, price)
  • The system compares the currently available offers by all adjusted criteria.
  • If the recorded response proposal meets the requirements, both parties are invited to sign an agreement for the purchase and sale of the appropriate package of securities.

9. Russia, one of the largest private institutional investors


Our client needed an updated and expandable asset management system to meet the needs of a wide variety of stakeholders, each with varying levels of technical skill.
We designed a system to optimize the work of the experts, heads of departments, senior management and shareholders of the corporation who need to keep a record of the existing assets of the corporation, receive analytical reports on the status of assets, track decisions concerning corporate governance bodies, or keep records of primary documents related to the issues above. This product was based on EMC Documentum software.

Technical solutions:
  • Adapt corporate property-related documents to centralized EMC Documentum based storage.
  • Reflect complex managerial structure in access rights based on documents’ content.
  • Fully customized look and feel of EMC Documentum front end in accordance with corporate identity of the customer.
  • Extended reporting including Visio diagrams of hierarchical property structure of one of largest financial corporation of Russia.
  • Over 60,000 companies owned by financial institution.
  • Over 2 million of properties all over Russia hierarchically connected to each other and to businesses.
  • More than 200 simultaneous internal corporate users.
  • More than 4 million documents, scanned, indexed and managed in accordance with corporate standards.